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Ideogramma di una nazione che ha dimenticato di aver smesso di essere tale

1 – In 2008 I had the honor to work with Dario Agazzi, a composer from a small town near Bergamo, a student of Paolo Castaldi, and graduated from the IMD of Darmstadt. Born in 1986, member of a lost generation in the Italian timeline, as I see it.
We wrote four compositions starting from my drawings. They’ve been recorded by Dario himself on
a unique cassette, in his house and studio, hidden by woods. The cassette has been mistakenly overdubbed in some fragments, continuing its mutation. We spoke a lot those nights, trying to
figure out how an intellectual like Dubuffet hasn’t been caught by the eye of the culture, that he has clinically demonized in a great essay.
Jean invites me to lunch, we both are in Venezia.
In front of us the sea.
We speak about my eyes.

2 – A story that tries to summarize years of mimic of a man, that every second before making a
sound, speaks with his body as a man that has never felt listened, understood.

3 – For 11 years I’ve been a projectionist in a particular context.
While I was projecting a 35mm film by Marco Ferreri I visualized his work with the music by MB.
Landscape on some cultures that never met each other.
I would’ve to wish Italy would’ve been a lot better than its ego.

4 – Pasolini was one of the most influential people I had the honor to observe, listen and read.
I believe his thinking was too fast for his time as his honesty to our country was ignored.
He was a pure soul, living for beauty in its higher conceiving.
Murdered brutally in one of the saddest places I ever visited, probably just because he was homosexual.

This album is a collaboration between Light Item and Magma.
You can see the compositions I wrote with Dario Agazzi here:


released December 3, 2021

Recorded in Bergamo, October/November 2020
Mastered by Riccardo Gamondi at Fiscerprais Studio, November 2020

Compact Disc is available here.


1 – A guy almost dropped me and grabbed me by the ankle on my first night out.

2 – The kids can’t say anything in front of the whole hill burning.

3 – I thought this was my chance to live in the nearest present.

4 – Woanders is auch scheisse.

5 – I hope you will take some time just for yourself, and never stop walking.

Time doesn’t exist.


released November 20, 2021

Recorded by Gregorio Conti @ VCA Studio – Bergamo, December 2019
Mastered by Riccardo Gamondi @ Fiscerprais Studio – 2021

Guitars by Isaia Invernizzi
Bass guitar by Gregorio Conti

I CAN’T READ THE MIRROR – out on Engram Recordings

In front of the mirror, I am no one. In front of the mirror, I am everything.
There is a boundary between me and my ego, I can’t observe it from the outside.
During the path, I will be honest with everything, or I will never be myself.
If I won’t see you, I may be distracted. If I don’t want to talk to you,
I may not be ready, to be honest with you.
Keep the energy until we will be able to handle it without damaging anything.
Then the labels of society will fall apart freely by themselves.
Being free is harsh and there is no coming back. Leave the mask and breath.



released on May 16, 2020

Recorded by Mauro Frugiuele – Bergamo, March 2020
Mixed and Mastered by Riccardo Rico Gamondi – Fiscerprais Studio, April 2020

Thanks: Andrea, Frenz, Rico and Jason.

Real Virtuality – out on Mutual Aid Records

“I’ve been asked of being presentable while I was growing a texture in my universe to recognize better things from reality to escape the many binary boundaries I see everywhere.
Our own universes face each other in a complex communication of silences.”

tape release available at


released October 2, 2020

Recorded and edited by Mauro Frugiuele – Bergamo, April 2020
Mixed and Mastered by Riccardo Rico Gamondi – Fiscerprais Studio, August 2020
Artwork by ultrastruttura – Bergamo, August 2020

Esposizione di ombre – Short film

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